Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Very Last Blog

Its been a long time coming. This semester, I started Comm 321 three weeks late. Thus, I was already 9 blogs behind the rest of the class. I attempted to catch up by posting on the classroom blog. Later, I was informed that we would not be recieving credit for the classroom blog. Instead, we would only be graded on our personal blogs. Now, I was more behind than ever. Needless to say, I would have to work overtime. However, about a month and a half later, I am writing my last blog. Although it has been pretty interesting over last few months. I can't say I will miss blogging. During the semester, I felt that I was only posting blogs for my own health- nobody else was reading them. It started to become boring. Although I tried to create blogs with substance, I felt that it didn't really matter. Who was reading them? They were very time consuming with no substantial payoff or benefit. It was an intersesting experience, but blogs just aren't my cup of tea. This concludes "Just my Thoughts." I'm out!!!

Red Hot Chili Peppers

They've been in the game for 15 years now, and they're still making hits. This is their new song, "Hump de Bump."- Great stuff:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Liger

So, I was watching Napoleon Dynomite the other day, the movie is halarious. However, I remembered Napoleon mentioning the Liger as his favorite animal. Only he referened the Liger as being bread for its majestical powers. Thus, I thought that the animal was a fictional creature, and I just laughed it off. However, I kept thinking about the Liger for some reason. I thought, what if it was real, how did it look, etc. So I decided to do some research. Once I typed in "Liger" in google pictures, a massive beast appeared- just as real as you and me. Man successfully bread lions and tigers. Only the product of these animals was bigger than the both of them. They say that when the male is a lion and the female is a tiger the result will be a liger- an enormous creature. However, when the male is tiger and the female is lion the result will be caled a "tigon". Tigons are rather small.

Spiderman 3

All the other Spider Man man movies were kinda dissapointing. However, this trailer suggests otherwise for the Spider Man 3 movie:

Chris Angel

I used to think David Blaine was the craziest magician ever. Then, I saw some of Chris angel's tricks. I gotta say, he's got alot up his sleave. Some of the stuff is just crazy. Some body please explain:


For once, the gossips were proven to be right. It seems that Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy had a baby. Additionally eddie murphy is suppose to be dating Baby faces ex-wife. In other news, Micheal Jordan settled with his wife for 226 million dollars- a whopper of an amount. Also, his wife was seen dating a 20-somethin-year-old investment banker. I don't even search for entertainment gossip, but that's just wierd.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Akon In Trouble

Akon recently got kicked off of Gwen Steffani's tour. This is because Akon was in Trindad doing a tour of his own when he bagan to dance provocatively with a 15 year old girl. The underaged girl that was pulled up on stage was actually the prime minister of Trinidad's daughter. The prime minister is currently pressing charges against Akon for lude and indecent acts.